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The Room Place Credit Card 6 Powerful Advantage Options

The Room Place Credit Card

The Room Place Credit Card Explained

The room place credit card is a delight when it comes to ensuring savings in home furniture and making sure that your payments for these items become more affordable for you, especially if you cannot afford them at any point in time. With the room place credit card, you can imagine decorating your master bedroom beautifully and conveniently by paying back on a monthly basis. Similar to Credit One Bank and Walmart Credit Card. However, this is just one of the benefits that you receive with this card.

Other benefits of the room place credit card

The room place credit card comes with great financing offers along with exclusivity in their savings offers that are solely sent to the area room cardholders. This means that you can benefit from advanced offers and plans so that you can decide on the best possible approach with them. There are many financing options that you can choose from with this card.

Rooms Place Credit Card Financing Option

  1. Six-month financing – you would not have to pay any interest if you make your payments within six months. Additionally, there will not be any down payment or minimum purchase.
  2. 12-month financing – with this, if you pay your full balance within the next 12 months of purchase, then you would not have to pay any interest. However, the minimum purchase has to be $750.
  3. 18-month financing – you would not be required to pay any interest if you manage to make your payments within the next 18 months of purchase. The minimum purchase has to be $1,000.
  4. 24-month financing – you will not be charged any interest rate if you make your payment within the next 24 months. The minimum purchase amount is $3,000.
  5. 48-month financing – there will not be any interest rate charged for the first 48 months after the date of purchase, provided you pay your dues within this period. The minimum purchase amount is $4,000.
  6. 51-month financing – you will be charged an interest rate of 10.99% only for the next 51 months after you have made your purchase. Additionally, the minimum purchase for this financing option is $999.

How to apply for Rooms Place Credit Card

You can either apply in store for the card or send in your application online. In-store, card application can be made from 22 outlets that exist in Indiana or Illinois. There, the consumers can get further information by speaking to one of the sales associates. Online applications can be accessed here: the room place credit card login

If you have any further questions with regards to this card or furniture outlet, then you can always call in at 630 783 8000 or send in an email at Their team of customer service representatives will be available to answer your queries comprehensively and make sure that all your confusions are cleared out. It is always best to clear any confusion that you have before you acquire this card so that you don’t have to face any problems afterwards. Please bookmark out the site at Hope this post on the room place credit card provided some valuable information.


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